Life as an Animistic Game of Chess

Let’s start off this blog by defining the parameters of the existence we find ourselves in. We will touch briefly on a couple of subjects which each by themselves deserve and later on will get a blog entry on their own. To get an overview we will have to look at subjects such as animism, astrology, popular culture and occultism. I will introduce you to a world view that might seem strange and irrational to some but still one has to ask oneself, does quantum physics point to reality being particularly rational at all? This might not be the ultimate truth about the nature of our reality, but then again there might not be such a thing as an ultimate truth about our reality. Maybe reality is what we make it to be and maybe, just maybe we can decide to make it magical, if we choose to.

First off, let’s consider the ancient animistic world view wherein the objects of worship is in the form of archetypal animal spirits. It is also claimed that each person holds an animal spirit as an expression of their inner primal nature. We have a modern reference to this world view in a movie called the Golden Compass wherein all the characters have what’s referred to as a daemon, a personal companion in the form of an animal. An externalization of the spirit if you will. What kind of animal any given character has differs and each animal spirit gives the individual certain characteristics associated with that animal. We also get a hint that there’s a correlation between the daemons and ethnicity. The ancient animistic tribes all claimed to be associated with certain animals. Could this still be the case to this day? Are the Russians more bear-like than their eagle-like American counterpart or their lion-like Germanic neighbors?
The TV series Grimm is yet another reference to this ancient animistic world view wherein some people are what is called “Wesen” which is German for “nature” or “essence”. The main character, Nick Burkhardt is a Grimm and therefore has the ability to see past the human face of the wesen and see their true animistic nature. Are the beliefs of our ancient ancestors just superstition or are there actually some truth underlying the notion of a personal animal spirit. If so, do we choose our animal companion, are we conditioned by society into taking on its animal essence as a way to cope with the hardship we have to face during our lifetime or is it rather the animal spirit that chooses us at birth? Perhaps in a quantum manner, all these explanations describe one and the same process.



Now let’s talk about astrology which obviously has it’s roots in the animistic tradition. Within both the western and the vedic(hindu) zodiac, which both draws their lineage back to ancient Babylon and probably much further back, there are twelve signs out of which a majority is in the form of an animistic archetype. The sign of Cancer for example is symbolized by a crawfish and the sign of Leo is of course symbolized by a lion. Within the zodiac there are what is called “aspects” which refer to the correlation between two different signs. At least when we’re considering astrological ages, the most important aspect is that of opposition which means that two signs are at the far end of the zodiac relative to each other. The sign of Virgo is in opposition to the sign of Pisces which explains why Jesus is said to be “born by a virgin” and also why virgin Mary has been such an prominent figure in the Catholic Church during the age of Pisces. You could even say that the age of Pisces in actuality is the age of Pisces-Virgo.

The twelve signs of the zodiac is sometimes referred to as “the Twelve Rulers”. There are however within the zodiac an internal hierarchy as well and the four most powerful signs are those of Leo, ruled by the Sun, Cancer, ruled by the Moon and Aquarius as well as Capricorn, both ruled by Saturn. Within popular culture the amount of references to this dynamic is staggering. In the book series of Harry Potter for example we have the age old opposition between on the one (right) hand Gryffindor(the Sun, idealism), symbolized by the lion, and on the other (left) hand we have Slytherin(Saturn, materialism), symbolized in this instant by the snake. The TV series Game of Thrones gives us another example of this dynamic with the house of Lannister with it’s lion shield, which has wrongfully (they claim) taken the iron throne from the house of Baratheon, symbolized by the Deer(which in turn correlates to the house of Hufflepuff in Harry Potter). Also it is an interesting question to ask why all the Lannisters seems to have blue eyes and blond hair. Could it have something to do with ethnicity? The authors of Game of Thrones has also decided to provide the snake with wings, so now instead it’s symbolized by the Dragon! As you can see, different authors make different allegiances in this ancient war between the planets above. The Game of Thrones series also introduces another twist to the conflict such as being between not only planets but also between the male(lion) and female(dragon) principles.

ImageIn the Game of Thrones TV series we often see these map markers in the shapes of the animals symbolizing the different royal houses, which the rulers(!) strategically maneuver from above. Are these markers a representation of us human beings, living our lives unaware of the influences from the planetary bodies above us? Do macrocosmic events shape our microcosmic lives in ways which can even be predicted? A term often used by astrologers is “As Above so Below”. Is it reasonable to distinguish between archetypal patterns and psychological behavioral patterns? To what extent are our lives predestined by archetypal patterns in conflict with one another? The answer to this question is; to the same extent as we act unconsciously! We all have the ability to bring these patters up to the conscious mind for resolution and integration and in so doing, perhaps in a quantum way we change the dynamic between these patterns and thereby the destiny of the world all together.